Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today is Inspire Your Heart With Art day!

According to the most fun site called The Ultimate Holiday Site from Hallmark today is Inspire your Heart with Art day! What a great year for this when you consider American Girl's Doll of the Year Saige.
Click here to see the listing on American

I love Saige's Painting Set offered on American priced at $48 while this is a great doll play set, you can create your own doll play art set at a fraction of the cost.
In March of 2011, I showcased this doll sized play set I put together from items you can find at your local dollar store!
The Art Easel was $1.25 at my local dollar store, while the paint set came in a package of 4 from the party loot bag section of the same store.
You can also print to card stock some wonderful masterpieces from the Art world just by typing into Google images the names of some of the worlds  most talented and beloved artists.
As I live in the West Coast of Canada, growing up we learned about Canada's most famous artists. This one above is from a well known Canadian Artist, Emily Carr, you can find out more about her work by clicking here
From Van Gogh 

to Picasso and the thousands of wonderful artists around the world, you are sure to find art to inspire your own heart today and for years to come. So pick up a book, type in to Google and expand your knowledge of Art today on this Inspire your Heart with Art Day. Don't forget to read Saige's stories as well!

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