Monday, July 28, 2014

Spot Light On Springfield Pj's and A Give Away...

Well it is Monday and on Mondays I feel like I just want to stay in my Pj's all day! It is usually such a busy day but I declare today a Pj day! In honor of my Pj Day I wanted to share some of my favorite Pj's offered by Springfield Dolls. This fun set pictured above is currently offered on the Springfield Doll Website at $4.95! Click here for listing. 
This lovely little set is perfect for picking up and tucking away for the holidays or birthday parties and fits most 18 inch dolls really well.
Madison and all the dolls look wonderful in this fuzzy blue robe and pant set also offered on line. Pair them with the fuzzy pink slippers and you have an outfit I would love to wear today! This two piece set incldes the banks and the robe with a faux purple shirt sewn into the robe, it is so cute and offered at $10.99. Click here for on line listing.

If Satin Pj's are more your style you will love this pink leopard set! Offered on line at $10.99 this is a really fun set! Click here for on line listing.
I have purchased this Nightie set a few times now for gifts and I loved using my tie dye kit on one earlier this summer and mine is now pink. This set even comes with a small blankie for your doll! Click here for on line listing.
 My Maria and Olivia Dolls Love Pink!

Last but not least check out this set on line which is a gift set on the Springfield Website, and currently it is on sale for $9.99 This is such a great gift idea it would be worth picking up and putting it away for the next holiday or party for sure! Even includes a pair of slippers! Click here for listing.

I would love to know what you think about Dolly Pj's, do you change your dolls in to Pj's at night? Leave me a comment or email me a photo of your dolly in her pj's and let me know! Your entry may be chosen to win a very special Pj prize. Send in your Photos to between today and August 11th for your chance to be chosen at random for a special dolly clothing prize. *North American Readers Only Please Void Where Prohibited .
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  1. I DO love pjs. Sometimes I change a special doll at night, but not regularly. I love to use them for slumber parties and camp outs and at Christmas time... Every doll needs them. I also think the Springfield outfits are great and very economical. I just outfitted a whole dolly soccer team with them and got lots of compliments on the outfits in the photostory. I couldn't have afforded to do that any other way. :)

  2. What a great giveaway! Springfield doll clothes are the greatest! I made a set of pajamas for my doll out of a recycled baby preemie sleeper. I pinned the sleeper to the doll and took in the seams. Preemie outfits are very close to 18 inch dolls. I added a ribbon roses to the toes and one small one at the top snap. The back has a ruffled bottom with a bow. A Carter's finger puppet for her doll and Ta! Da! it was done. She is already for her pajama sleepover.I hope she remembers to take her hair bows out so she fall asleep quickly.. I like using old baby clothes to make "new" doll clothes. So happy I have a few granddaughters left who still play with dolls. Imagination is a work of art. (I posted a photo on your Facebook Doll Diaries site)

  3. My poor doll lives in her pajamas because that is all she has. She is a thrift store rescue who has had a "bad hair day" since I bought her. She always looks like she just woke up. Her main purpose, however, is to be a model. I use her to make sure the clothes I make fit. I then send the finished items to charity or to my niece. The last dress went to my mother's doll so she wasn't naked. It turned out really pretty although NOTHING like the original plan. My doll is kind of like the shoemaker's children. She probably won't end up with any clothing unless someone else gives it to her. Good grief, after two+ years, I still don't even have a good name for her. I'm a bad dolly mommy.

  4. Yes a Winner was chosen and it is Donna! Thank you to all who entered!