Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Doll House ideas

I admit it I dream of one of these amazing floor to ceiling doll houses I see on Pinterest for our 18 inch dolls.  When I see the creativity in their design and know how much work has gone into  each and every one of these doll houses it gives me a new appreciation for those who create them. (The above one is from Doll Diaries Post in 2007 Click here for the post about this amazing house)

 I wrote about  the doll house that Sklyer (of http://americangirlsky.blogspot.ca/) and her mom build together June 2011 and it was the first house of it's kind I had seen. To read that post click here

So how does one create this type of doll house for themselves?
I have seen some amazing doll homes made from existing shelves and armories as well as doll houses build from boards like Skyler and her mom did. Today I want to share with you links to ones I have found on through Doll Diaries and Pinterest 
This way if you would like to build one for for yourself or your loved one for Christmas!
 If you are like me your house is already bursting with toys, dolls and clutter but when I look at how well organized these houses are it makes me think that, these doll houses could be a solution to doll storage issues as well as provide hours of doll play fun.
 I love the above idea so much as I see these type of shelving units, free at the side of the road, yard sales and free on craigs list. With a small amount of effort you can transform one into a great doll play space. Even if you can not spare allot of space you could easily fit one of these into a child's room, or play area. They are self contained and I love the pull out "yard" this model offers. 
Click here to see how it was made.
Thanks to youtube you can also find some amazing videos of girls who's families have put together amazing doll houses for them. Here are a few of some of these incredible houses.

So many wonderful doll houses it is hard to choose only one video to share with you, so here are another one. 
If you have been inspired by these and are looking for "plans to build a full doll house" check out this one below.

 This amazing doll house opens for doll play and the plans priced under $35 will  help you on your way to building the most amazing doll house I have seen!
 Just look inside this house!
Click here for a link to Build an American Girl Doll House's website 

 Over on Etsy you can order plans for this wonderful doll house from Addie by clicking here 
This doll house is 5 feet high and 2 feet deep. I love the crown molding! These plans are offered at $19.95

Even if you do not have the space these ideas are sure to inspire. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at karenmowen@gmail.com


  1. Some very creative doll houses...any little,or big girls dream home :) Thanks for sharing.

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