Friday, June 1, 2018

Dear readers...

Dear Readers,
It is with much thought and deliberation that at this time I have decided I will not be publishing here daily anymore. I have written this daily blog for almost 8 years and while my love of dolls and belief in the importance of doll play has not waivered, at this time I am being pulled and find I am needing to focus my attention elsewhere.

The past 7 years have been amazing, all of you who have visited this blog gave me a huge amount of unbelievable feedback, support and loyalty. My crew of writers Madelon, Brandy, Jessica T, Jenny, Nikki are some of the most creative and amazing doll lovers and crafter I have had the pleasure of meeting. 
Working at Doll Diaries for 5 years was a dream come true and I gained so much knowledge and appreciation for what it takes to run a successful website. What I learned and gained from my team at Doll Diaries, I will take with me always.
Char, Brandy, Madelon, Laura, Diane, and Anna thank you for always inspiring me.

To my sponsors and those who have advertised with me over the years I wish to thank you as well for that relationship.

Personally I am still busy writing, playing and reading and sipping tea. Thinking of you all often and grateful for everyone of you who has stopped by to read, learn and contribute.

I may from time to time pop on and publish something here I think you fellow doll lovers may be interested in but for now I will sign off and wish you all well.
Thank you all for everything and remember to Keep Calm and Play With Dolls.

All my love and thanks,

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Happy Hooking Wednesday! American Girl Doll Seashell Summer Skirt

Hooks at the ready!
Elaine Phillips has a Skirt pattern in a Seashell pattern that more advanced Hookers will love! This lovely lacy looking skirt is perfect for the warm summer days ahead and would look lovely over this summer's dolly bathing suit and with a dolly tank or t-shirt! I found this pattern on Ravelry but our wonderful friends at abc-knitting-patterns shares it there too. Click here for the pattern and get started today!
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sew This Sunday Doll Sleeping Bag Tutorial 2 Fleece Fun.Com

Today we are sharing the tutorial from for a doll Sleeping bag for your 18 inch dolls. I love the feel of fleece and I think this is a great tutorial as it shows you how to sew a zipper in and make easy rounded corners. You have to check out this tutorial and pattern by clicking here. Happy Sewing this Sunday!
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Baby Mine Pattern I love! The Dolly Diaper Bag

I am a huge believer in the power of doll play and I love sewing. I was so excited to see this pattern by Baby Mine on the Pixiefair Etsy Shop for a Dolly Diaper Bag. This is a brilliant idea and I am thrilled with the idea that you could make this as a gift and pair it with a new or much loved dolly for a boy or a girl. Making it yourself means that you control the materials and patterns and any child or daycare would benefit from this amazing gift of time and love. Pack it with your favorite homemade diapers, items you have on hand or find at the dollar store an you have the perfect gift for a young doll lover.
This pattern can be found in the PixieFaire Etsy shop by clicking here. 
A perfect pattern and craft to start for the upcoming holiday season.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Hooking Wednesday Easy Sweater Pattern!

Hooks at the ready! Brenda Johnson has an Easy Sweater Pattern for Crochet that I think you would love to make. This easy and light sweater is perfect over your dolls summer and spring dresses, paired with a tank top or even buttoned up on its own with a skirt. You can find this crochet pattern on Ravelry by clicking here. 

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Get Moving Monday with My Girl Clothing Co!

This Monday is all about getting moving, with these two sets from My Girl Clothing Co.  I love this set from My Girl Clothing Co! Not only do you get the adorable Flamingo themed Outfit but the Scooter too! This Scoot Over for American Girl set can be found in the My Girl Clothing Co Etsy shop by clicking here. 
Get your dolls out for a little time at the beach with this wonderful set called Let's Boogie For American Boy Doll, I love the colors in this set, boy or girl dolls will love it, click here to learn more.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sew This Sunday - Doll Sleeping Bag Tutorial 1

This week I found a great doll sleeping bag tutorial that you can use for the doll lovers in your life, big doll or baby doll I think this tutorial from See Kate Sew. Com is brilliant. I would love to make the time to learn to quilt but always get overwhelmed at the idea, but this tutorial and size is actually not as intimidating when I look at it and it is very inspiring. I hope you enjoy this weeks Sew This Sunday tutorial. Click here to see the original on the wonderful website SeeKateSew.  
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