Friday, December 15, 2017

Great Savings on Books!

Looking online at books as I do I was thrilled to see that Baking by American Girl was on sale for almost half off! You can find it on Amazon right now for $10.86 by clicking here. 

Also half off is the 2017 Girl of the Year, Gabriela book, Click here to learn more about ordering this book currently priced under $5! 
The Nanea mini doll and book is on sale too! Offered at $16.95 
They may not arrive in time for the holidays but always a good idea to tuck away for another special occasion!
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Penguin Wonderland! Which Do you like better?

Tea Time Fabric Panels is shipping right up until the 23rd of December so you still have time to get your panels for Christmas. The adorable Penguin outfit comes two ways!

With or without the boa trim!
I love this sweet pattern
Sweet as can be! These kits and more are ready to ship and can be found by visiting the Tea Time Fabric Panel Etsy Site by clicking here. 
We can not wait to hear what you make and we would love to hear about the items you have made already with these kits!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Two Tutorials To Share!

Some truly wonderful pattern tutorials have come through my inbox this week and I want to share them with you. First up is for a Matching Girl And Doll Dress! Click here for this pattern and tutorial. 

Next up is this t-shirt tutorial you can find here. 
I know we are getting down to the wire for creating and sharing and had to slip these in, so that you may find time to create for the doll lovers in your life!
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Madelon shares her birthday trip photos with us!

Today Madelon kindly shares some unique images from her recent family trip to the National Gallery. 

For my birthday a few weeks ago,  I went with my family to the National Gallery of Art to specifically see the Vermeer and Masters of the Genre exhibit. 

We had read Girl with a Pearl Earring in book club. Although that painting was not in the exhibit, I was inspired to see the exhibit. I didn't realize that dolls were made inspired by his work. 
The painting is called Young Lady Adorning Herself. It is quite beautiful. The lighting is exquisite.

Another great example of beautiful dolls inspired by Vermeer's work

Thank you Madelon for sharing these amazing dolls and images with us today. We wish you a belated happy birthday!
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Madness Monday Week 11

Hooks at the ready again this week with Red Heart Yarn's Crochet pattern called Walking The Dog For Dolls. This is very cute and something I know doll lovers everywhere would have fun making right down to the pup!
Click here for the free pattern download and start this great pattern for your dolls or the doll lover in your life this holiday season. 
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bring Home Some Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls This Holiday Season

If you have followed this series for a while now I love Cabbage Patch Dolls and Still have mine. Today I am sharing some vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls that need new homes from Etsy today. First up is this lovely doll dressed as a snowman!
From Clutter Buck's Etsy shop in Canada this lovely doll is offered at $59.00 Click here for shop and listing. 

BricaBrack75 has a blond tufted hair doll I think is so sweet! Offered at  $26.75 see more of her by clicking here. 

AandSvintage Etsy Shop has this preemie Cabbage Patch Doll I love so much! Even comes with the second outfit! Click here to see this doll in shop and listing. 

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Blessedly Stressed Saturdays With Jenny

Christmas is nearing and the holiday shopping is in full swing.  Lauren and I hit up Kohl's this morning.  I went is simply looking for a coat for my husband.  I left with a lot of items, but not a coat for my husband, one for my oldest daughter, which doesn’t even need one.  I am a BIG online shopper.  I love getting the boxes in the mail – it is like a mini Christmas for me.  I actually apologized to our mailman today for all my boxes.  I drop a lot of boxes off to the post office for ETSY, the mail lady there said I should have my own delivery truck đŸ˜Š

I have to say Christmas is my all-time favorite.  I love seeing my children excited from one to fifteen.  I struggle to fall asleep still on Christmas eve.  I am so filled with adrenal, I am usually up first đŸ˜Š   I love seeing their faces on Christmas morning and watching them open their presents.  It is the one major time I spoil them, other than that I “try” to be frugal throughout the year, but Christmas the rules go out the window. 

 In our surrounding family we all have the understanding the we don’t “buy: gifts, rather spend time together eating, talking, laughing, and visiting.  My husband and I don’t exchange gifts either.  And I make my father-in law’s present and our great friend “Grammie Kath’s” gift too. So, we just buy for our children and I love it that way.  Abby is almost 15!  She no longer is a believer, but the best big sister ever.  She is now in charge of the elves.  This is her second year and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she has taken on the job!

I would have never anticipated that my ETSY shop would have been as crazy as it has been.  I am truly blessed. Click here to visit The Rita Pita Boutique... 

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