Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get Ready For Retro With Madelon's Our Generation Outfit Reveiw

Getting Email from Madelon this past little while is like getting a postcard from the past! Check out this fun Our Generation Outfit she picked up complete with this adorable Yellow Glasses!
So cute on the face or in your dolls hair!
The little white cardigan has a heart shaped button at the top!
Such a special attention to detail!
Right down to these cute sandals this is a great outfit!
Check out Our Generation's Outfits at your Local Target Store!
Thank you Madelon for sharing this fantastic retro fashion with us today!
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Spot Light On Springfield Pj's and A Give Away...

Well it is Monday and on Mondays I feel like I just want to stay in my Pj's all day! It is usually such a busy day but I declare today a Pj day! In honor of my Pj Day I wanted to share some of my favorite Pj's offered by Springfield Dolls. This fun set pictured above is currently offered on the Springfield Doll Website at $4.95! Click here for listing. 
This lovely little set is perfect for picking up and tucking away for the holidays or birthday parties and fits most 18 inch dolls really well.
Madison and all the dolls look wonderful in this fuzzy blue robe and pant set also offered on line. Pair them with the fuzzy pink slippers and you have an outfit I would love to wear today! This two piece set incldes the banks and the robe with a faux purple shirt sewn into the robe, it is so cute and offered at $10.99. Click here for on line listing.

If Satin Pj's are more your style you will love this pink leopard set! Offered on line at $10.99 this is a really fun set! Click here for on line listing.
I have purchased this Nightie set a few times now for gifts and I loved using my tie dye kit on one earlier this summer and mine is now pink. This set even comes with a small blankie for your doll! Click here for on line listing.
 My Maria and Olivia Dolls Love Pink!

Last but not least check out this set on line which is a gift set on the Springfield Website, and currently it is on sale for $9.99 This is such a great gift idea it would be worth picking up and putting it away for the next holiday or party for sure! Even includes a pair of slippers! Click here for listing.

I would love to know what you think about Dolly Pj's, do you change your dolls in to Pj's at night? Leave me a comment or email me a photo of your dolly in her pj's and let me know! Your entry may be chosen to win a very special Pj prize. Send in your Photos to karenmowen@gmail.com between today and August 11th for your chance to be chosen at random for a special dolly clothing prize. *North American Readers Only Please Void Where Prohibited .
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

3 Back To School Dolly Etsy Fun Finds

For those of you who have been groaning about my Halloween and Christmas coming posts, you can have your revenge today with my back to school dolly post. Like those who dread the up coming holidays I dread the start of the school year.  Though finding these fun Etsy Back To School Dolly Listings make that transition from Summer to fall that much more bearable. This listing for Dolly Back to school printables is from Julieoldcrow's Etsy Shop and she has some really neat items in her shop, I came for the Back To school Printables and stayed for everything else she offered, take a look at her Etsy listing and shop by clicking here.

In one of my most favorite shops My Girl Clothing Co, you will find this amazing back to school set, complete with backpack, computer, books, pencils, crayons and even a little chocolate bar! Such a great set offered at $24, click here for shop and listing.
MadyGraceDesigns' Etsy Shop has a great dolly desk in their etsy shop that would work perfectly with any dolly school or homeschool play set! Check out this handmade wooden school desk by clicking here.
I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you are looking forward to school starting again, I am trying to be! My son starts high school in September and I think that is part of my dread! Wish us both luck!
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

$12.99 Is A Great Price For This Madelon's Fun Find

Madelon got this adorable Our Generation outfit for $12.99 at Target!
Such a fun set and I love the way Our Generation has put together this super fun outfit at such a great price.
The skirt is Tulle Lined...
 Not an iron on either! Embroidered!
The socks and shoes are such an adorable addition to this outfit! Madelon says this is her favorite part!
The skirt alone is enough to make me want to run out and purchase this great set! Thank you Madelon for sharing with us your photos of this fantastic Our Generation Outfit!
Keep your eyes out for fun finds like Madelon's!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas Day Just 5 months or 153 days away Knit Some Truly Fantastic Holiday items

If you loved yesterday's post about Halloween here is your Christmas Holiday Update...just 153 days from now you will most likely be kneed deep in the holiday festivities...With that in mind and my push for HAND MADE HOLIDAY Items here is my Etsy Suggestions for Christmas....
I must start with this knit sweeter pattern from macatawaknitting, my sisters and I would get so excited when we would see the cars with the trees on the top! So this pattern gets top billing! Click here for this $6 pattern and listing.
Start on these now for the doll lover in your life! How cool is this! Pattern includes directions for making several sizes of knit holiday stockings. Offered at $5.95 from Knittingfordolls Etsy Shop this would make a very special holiday keepsake for years to come!
I have been a huge fan of this sweater since the pattern debuted! I have it in Blue and it is fab! Knit this up in several colors for a winter wardrobe your dolls will love! Click here for pattern priced at $3.99 and listing. 
Debonair Designs has this stunning pattern reminds me of the outfits from White Christmas! Click here for this pdf pattern download offered at $7.50

 I hope you enjoyed today's little reminder and that you are inspired to create something wonderful for the holidays for the doll lover in your life.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

98 Days Until Halloween!

I will admit it I am super excited, Halloween is only 98 days away. So with that in mind here are some great Dolly Halloween items to get your excited and crafting for the up coming holiday!
For years I have been writing about this set from eVintage Etsy Shop and I have to say it is still one of my most favorites! Offered at $4.99 this pdf down load is best printed at your local print shop, I did mine at staples and my niece Laura and I had so much fun putting it together. Hours of fun and very much worth the purchase! Click here to view shop and listing.
If you are not new to my blog you know I love Witches! Yep you heard me, since I was a little girl, I have always loved witches!
This pattern makes being a witch so much fun! I love the idea this Jelly Bean Soup Pattern and think I will add it to my too be made pile. Click here for pattern listing on Etsy.
For those of you wonderful readers who knit, Jacknitts Designs still has one of my most favorite patterns and you can get a jump on Christmas too with this fun pattern. Click here for shop, pattern and listing...when you make it email me a photo!
Last but not least for those of you handy with the hook, I am in awe of the awesome pattern for super hero costumes by Cute Crochet By Steph Etsy Shop.....please someone make this for me! LOL I still am stuck at chaining on....Click here for shop, and pattern listing.
I hope this gets some of you thinking about one of my most favorite holidays!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's National Hot Dog Day!

I would be remiss if I did not mention that today is National Hot Dog day. Thank you to Madelon for the photos and for pointing it out! What would summer be for me with out these wonderful little charbroiled treats?  I love hot dogs and while I know they are not an every day food, I am a huge fan of them especially in the summer. I like mine with just a bit of ketchup and very well done!
If your doll simply must have these in her doll food collection you can find some beautiful ones for sale on Etsy this set from livvylee's Etsy Shop are offered at $5.75 and perfect for your doll click here for shop and  listing.

How about making your own? Check out my Tutorial for making your own Sculpey Clay Hot Dogs for your dolls by clicking here for my Doll Diaries Post!

I hope you have a very wonderful rest of National Hot Dog Day...I think I know what I am having for lunch.
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