Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's Have Cupcakes...craft, make or to buy!

Cupcakes are such a wonderful addition to any doll play collection and today I am thinking about Cupcakes for dolls and their girls!

 I have made many of these cupcakes for my nieces as crafts to share in the dolly world and written about cupcakes for dolls on Etsy. Today I am sharing with you how you can bring more cupcakes into your doll play by making some like from my tutorials (Click here to see how to make your own for your dolls) or from the tutorial links provided below or by purchasing some ready made on Etsy. As well as how to incorporate doll cupcakes with real cupcakes for a birthday party or tea party.
For a very small investment in some oven bake polymer clay such as Sculpey from your local craft store you can make your own doll sized treats from my tutorial 
A while back a reader introduced me to Jessie Raye's Etsy Shop and her cupcakes are some of my most favorite doll sized treats to order and send to friends and family. This cupcake is one of my favorite's I love the soft colors and the way it sparkles. Offered at $3.99 this is a true delight for a doll lover and these wonderful treats fit perfectly in a Halloween treat bag, Loot bag or Dolly Advent Calender and Stocking.
 Jessie Raye has a wonderful assortment of dolly cupcakes you can buy one or you can buy a bunch, she is great with custom orders as well click here for her shop and let her know I sent you!

For those of you talented with a hook why not try crochet for dolly cupcakes. I wish I had this talent these are fantastic and this free pattern is from HooksandYarn's Blog Click here to find out how you can make your own! Once you figure out how to make these girl sized treats try to make a smaller version and share with the dolly's too!

For those of you like me that are a fan of two Knitting how about this fun free pattern click here for free pattern from knittingpatternsgalore!
For those of you who sew check out this wonderful tutorial for making felt cupcakes. These look good enough to eat! Click here for directions

I do hope that today's post has not given you O.C.D but if it has I would love to see what  you make! Be sure to email me a photo at

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nascar Sunday!

This is one of my most favorite times of year, Nascar Chase Season! Yes if you are new to my blog I am a huge Nascar Fan!
I have loved Nascar for many years now and been to a few wonderful chase races myself! So today inspired by my favorite sport I am sharing some of my most favorite Nascar Dolly Items on Etsy!
The above photo of my doll Chrissa is wearing a hat my friend Lauren had made for me for my birthday from Cape Cod Curiosity Etsy Shop and a Fire suit she created for me! Below you will find some links to great Nascar inspired outfits for your dolls on Etsy!
Jr. Nation Doll fans will love this set created by KSCBoutique4u Dress, Hairband and padded hanger offered at $19.99 click here for shop and listing!

Offered at $17.00 Sanddollardesigns Etsy Shop offers this fun 3 pcs set. Click her for shop and listing.
WildAboutVintage has this 12 inch set of doll clothing that came from an Ashton Drake Doll set. Click here to see shop and listing.

Thanks for humoring me today with my Nascar Post! I know there are so many of you out there that like me who are watching the Chase this year and I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jessica T Tip For Crafting A Great Chair For Your Mini Doll or Barbie!

Jessica T has found a great high back chair that revolves! This doll craft is from and it is such a great craft Jessica knew we had to share it!
What makes this even more wonderful is that it is made from a recycled bottle!
Click here to see how you can make your own High back chair for your dolls! I think the Mini dolls would love these as well! 
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Friday, September 19, 2014

6 Weeks To Halloween! Great Halloween Printables For Your Dolls!

A few years ago I purchased this wonderful pattern and have raved about it every since!

This pattern by e-VINTAGEpatterns Etsy Shop is one of my favorites! It has so many wonderful printable for your dolls.

My nieces and I had ours printed at Staples and then we were able to create several goodies and costumes for our dolls. This is a great value especially if you plan on a dolly Halloween party! There was so many wonderful activities and hours of fun in this set!
You can check out this great listing in e-VINTAGEpatterns Etsy Shop offered at $4.99 and print as many items as you need!
We can not wait to share more Halloween Doll Play ideas with you next Friday!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stylish Autumn Looks For Your Tween's Doll From Avanna Girl

Looking through Avanna Girl's Etsy shop it is hard not to get excited to see the fun and fashionable looks, like this Hounds-tooth Sheath Dress and Black Blazer. 
This outfit is sure to make your Tween's favorite and wish list! I love that little belt! Older tween's gravitate towards outfits that they feel look "older", as they get older they tend to lean less towards the pastel and princess stage when it comes to dolly fashion and more towards outfits such as these from Avanna Girl!

 Having fashion forward outfits for your tween's dolls wardrobe really helps keep doll play relevant. 
Shops like Avanna Girl on Etsy make it easy for girls to be excited about and interested in their dolls longer.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beautifully Knit Ensemble's From Di's Divine Creation's Etsy Shop!

I am so excited to share a local to me etsy shop! Di's Divine Creations specializes in knit ensembles for 18 inch dolls and is located a short distance from where I live! Great for us Canadian 18 inch doll lovers!
Some of you may recognize Di's 18 inch doll model's as Daniela and Lily from Sisterhood in Town 18 inch Canadian Dolls. You can find out more about these beautiful dolls (which I wrote about last year) by clicking here.
Shop owner Di shared a bit about her shop with me recently and I am pleased to introduce you to her and her hand-knit creations ...
    " While I am a knit designer, I do not market my Etsy Shop as a place to purchase custom knitted designs exclusively, I am simply  a producer of quality knitted 18-inch doll clothes (I also sell my own dishcloth designs there as well)."
 For those of us who are knitters from the very basic knitters or aspiring knitters, to those who have been knitters for ever, you know how much work goes into creating each and every outfit! I am so thrilled to see shops like Di's Divine Creation's offering a modern take on a time honored traditional craft and making them available to doll lovers to enjoy !
 I also love that this shop is local and Canadian. The 18 inch doll movement has been slow to come to Canada and am I thrilled to see it catch on as well as see more high quality Canadian Shops for us to choose from. That being said our American Cousin's to the south are invited and able purchase items from Di's Shop as well!
Click here to visit Di's Divine Creation Etsy shop.  
I look forward to seeing what wonderful outfits for fall and winter  Di's Divine Creations comes up with next! 
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014