Friday, December 21, 2012

A fun doll food craft made easy by Madelon's bright idea!

Making the holidays more bright is Madelon's idea to take Wilton Cake Decorating sugar Ginger Bread men and then to dry them out, spray them so they will last and enjoy the perfect doll sized Ginger Bread all year long!
Using these decorations and  let them dry over night and then use some spray sealant ...
then let them dry again leave at least over night

Then they are ready to share with all your dolls all year round!
Thank you for this great idea Madelon!
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  1. This is a great idea! Will go to Michael's to see if I can find any around here (not sure we have them in Quebec).

    I take the opportunity to thank you for all your great ideas! I just love following your blog!

  2. Hi Sophie, I saw them here in BC, hope you can find them in Quebec...I am from there originally did you know that? Fun fact I was born in Montreal...