Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Madelon's Trip To The American Girl Store Valentine Addition.

Madelon resently stopped in the AG store. "As expected, some Valentine's Day decorations were on display. I really like this pale pink dress which was shown on a variety of dolls. Let's play on who do you like it best. Here is option one."

Option 2
Options 3 & 4
Option 5
 Option 6
Option 7

And in Girl Size too!
Look at the details!

While there Madelon took some wonderful photos of the Isabelle section for us. 
A photo of the Isabelle display with no one waiting!
Such a fun photo with the barre...
I would love to see this sweater in person, the color looks amazing!
Mix and Match
Any thoughts on this outfit? It is not at all my favorite in her collection.
"Isabelle Says Take Me Home!" Exclaimed Madelon
  When Madelon was in store this outfit was sold out.

New in store wrapping available to purchase!
Thank you to Madelon for taking us through the store with her! If you are lucky enough to live close enough to pop in there are many of us very jealous!
An update for those of you wondering the Store here in Vancouver Canada where I live will be opening in May I am told and take over the second floor of the Robson Street Chapters Store. I am so looking forward to the store opening here and for what I hope the store exclusives will be! Hint *** I love the Red Store shirts!
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  1. Hi! I was in the Robson Chapters store a few weeks ago, and I asked when their AG section would be opening. The clerk on the 2nd floor had no idea; she said they hadn't been told yet. Where did you hear it would be opening in May? I'd love to know so I can keep in touch! I'm very excited about one opening! Thanks in advance.

  2. Well Loretta how wonderful someone else near by! I understand from the store manager that the plan is for May.