Saturday, December 20, 2014

Madelon's Holiday Fun Finds #2

Madelon found some truly fantastic holiday finds and today shares them with us! Check out these Coca-cola Lunch boxes the perfect size for doll play!
 They are sturdy well made and roomy!
Great detail too!
Priced at $2.99 Each at her local craft store these are a steal!
Doll Food fits easily inside! Now I want a Burger and Cola!
 Madelon found a great deal on some Our Generation doll outfits we love the blazer on this one!

At $12 this is a very good deal! Jacket, Top, Skirt and shoes! That can't be beat!
Skirt is easy to get on and a sparkly waist band to boot!

Even cute with out the blazer! Love the fox shirt!
Another wonderful outfit to share! Madelon found this OG outfit as well!
Cute shoes and purse!
Big hair bow is darling!
Dress is cute even with out the vest!
Moving on to Holiday Cookie Finds! Check out this 9 piece set for our dolls offered at $18.00 from 4Cherishedtreasures Estsy shop by clicking here.

Our Friends over at Dollicious Designs has these starting at $2.50 each!
Found at Target Madelon got these great doll sized glasswear!

The glasses have a great handle for our dolls!
These ornaments make great tea party treats!
Found at Kmart for only a few dollars these will fancy up any Christmas Tea!
Thank you Madelon for your wonderful fun finds and for sharing these with all of us today!
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  1. Great finds! What is the name of the local craft store where she found those lunchboxes?