Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Karen Mom Of Three's Craft Blog Dolly Summer School- Things to make for your dolls room or doll house

Welcome back to our Dolly Summer School! This week we are featuring items you can make for your dolls for their doll rooms or doll houses.
Starting off lets look at my tutorial from Doll Diaries to create stylish seats for your dolls using left over cardboard, duct tape and shoe boxes. Click here for the tutorial.
One really easy thing I made that I am very proud of was the side table I built and painted for Doll Diaries, click here for the tutorial. 
Click here for Brandy's tutorial on this keyboard she made her daughters dolls. 
Click here for Brandy's Tutorial on how to make a mailbox for your dolls house. 
One of Brandy's most versatile crafts is this divider she made, click here to see how she did it! 
Now is the perfect time to keep your eyes out for one of Madelon's great fun finds, using small plant stands as doll tables is a really great suggestion here are some of the ones she has found over the years. For the one shown above click here. 
Or this one Madelon found as well. Click here to learn more! 
Thank you for joining us for this weeks addition to our Dolly Summer School, Next Week we begin with our Summer Knitting School!
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