Friday, October 14, 2016

Keep Clowns Cute With Peppermintsticks!

I am tired of the bad rap that clowns have been getting and though I do love a good cozy mystery I am put off that Steven King took a fun and fantastic childhood character and have made Clowns go from super cute to creepy.

So today I share my favorite clown costumes from Peppermintsticks. For bitty and her kitty to 18 inch dolls and their dogs these are great patterns that will see lots of fun creativedoll play time!
You can find Peppermintsticks patterns on Pixie Faire
Click here for Clownin Around bitty pattern 
and here for the Clownin Around 18 inch pattern
This Halloween bring back the cute!
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  1. Karen,

    I so agree with you!!! I love clowns and have even made many cloth clown dolls in the past. They can be so cute, and there are so many fabric options! Thanks for sharing the pattern link. I love Pixie Faire!!

  2. I had wondered if all the clowning about had been promo for the redo of the movie It. I am a big bit of a Stephen King fan myself, but some people can take things a bit too far.

  3. I agree! I like clowns. A circus would not be a circus without clowns. My grandma made me a clown outfit when I was 3 for Trick or Treat. These are cute patterns.