Monday, August 7, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

There is nothing I love to do better on a Sunday morning than hit the flea market!  Last week, I finally spotted an AG wheelchair, for five bucks, the retired one.  Now, I know my daughter has wanted one for a while, so I grabbed it without hesitation.  It was priced for eight dollars, but I bring no shame to my flea market game.  Now, if this was two years ago, before I really ventured into flea markets and thrift shops, I would have paid sticker, but I am always trying to score a sweet deal.  Regardless, if I use my kids as cute bait, I still got the seller down three bucks!  Then he tried pushing the OG horse on me, I took him for five bucks too!  He cleaned up nicely.  I was so excited to bring my treasures home to Kate.  I just imagined her coming up with some debilitating, crippling doll issue.  I was envisioning a cast of sorts, something... and then it happened.  Kate, "This is perfect for kit!" Me, "Why is that?"  Kate, "Well, her limbs are very loose, and when I make stop motion videos, she can't ever stand up."  It was priceless!  Kaitlyn loves to make stop motion videos with her dolls, and she does a nice job.  I enjoy seeing all the tricks that are done for people to get their dolls to hold objects and to blink, what a process.  The rubber band trick is handy, especially during pictures.  The rubber bands helps to give the appearance that the doll is actually holding something.  The eyes blinking actually requires taping their eyelids!

There has been a lot of peep talking in my house the last few days, as we are at the critical day 21 of a baby chicks.  They should be hatching very soon.  We have two that have started the pipping of the egg.  I think one has died trying to get out of his egg. 

 My husband said if we were farmers, we would probably die, HA!  We did just lose a beehive today - so if we were preppers or self sustainers we certainly would not have eggs or honey this week!  A lot of zucchini squash, but eggless.  I heard him earlier today making chicken noises, I guess to help jumpstart things.  I couldn't believe it.  Which brings me to my next piece, eggs are crazy low in WNY!  84 cents for eighteen eggs!  That's insane, I mean we are easily four hundred in on these chicks from shelter to food to incubators.  I just did the math, literally I just did, and we could buy 18 eggs everyday , every single day, for the next year, and only spend $300.00.  HA!  What a great family experience, I've caught myself in the basement checking these guys out.

Friends, I love the summer when it is mixed in my cooler days!  My favorite, sweatshirt weather.  Comment below - what are your favorite doll fall time clothes or a site that makes adorable hoodies?

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