Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Trip To The Vancouver American Girl Boutique

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Loretta at the Vancouver American Girl Boutique. My niece PB joined us as well. I had asked Loretta to make a dress for my mothers Chatty Cathy doll and I love how the dress turned out!
My mother would have loved this little dress and I am so thankful to Loretta for creating this special dress for me.

Such a treat to visit with Miss Nikki and she kindly showed us the newest PWP a lovely spring outfit with a lined hoodie!
My niece PB was overwhelmed with all the dollies and the balls they had in the set quickly caught her eye!
I was so excited to see all the Mystery books!
The displays are always my favorite, I love the bathing suit! Purple flip flops too!

I could not resist taking Samantha's tea set photo!
This was the first time I had seen Maryellen's sets up close and I was thrilled with the scale of the tv and the couch. I was surprised at how small the Seaside diner was.
Of all the dolls that were in store I think this one was my most favorite. I love her hair and she was so cute I wanted to take her home!

I had a wonderful visit at the Vancouver store and I am so thankful to Loretta and Miss Nikki for making it such a fun visit.
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  1. I love Chatty Cathy's new dress! :) The retro puppy print is adorable!

    ginnie /

  2. Karen, what a surprise to see myself on your blog! That made my day. It seems like a long time ago...the summer has been long. I know you keep Very Busy Indeed. I don't know how you do it all! It was fun meeting you, and sewing the dress for your special Chatty Cathy. I need to re-visit the AG store soon!