Monday, November 14, 2016

New 18 inch Treasured Dolls By The Queen's Treasures

Today I am very excited to write about the launch of a new doll line from The Queen's Treasures. The new Treasured Dolls have arrived and are ready for new homes! These 18 inch dolls have lovely hair, eyes and soft hug-able bodies.

 Their eyes open and close as well, they are not fixed in place. I love the meet outfit with the ruffled skirt!

I am excited by these dolls and their soft features!
The dolls are ready for shipping and are even shipped to Canada. Priced just under $100 I look forward to seeing more of these lovely dolls.
To view the new Treasured Dolls please click here for The Queen's Treasures Website.
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  1. Using my phone, I found The Queen's Treasures Website a bit awkward to navigate. I will try it from my computer. The dolls look cute, though.


      The 'click here' didn't work for me on a computer.

      Interesting sculpt. It reminds me of a cross between Maplea and American Girl.

      I like the long hair.

  2. Very interesting. They remind me of a combination of AG, OG, and Maplelea.

    (There don't seem to be links where you usually have them.)

  3. Karen,
    I'm enjoying your blog a lot. I've been following for about two weeks now. The Queen's Treasures dolls are cute, but they look way to much like American Girl Dolls. I myself am a Madame Alexander Doll fan. The dolls come with a variety of facial styles, and ethnic types. I have bought several used dolls on eBay and redressed them. You should check out my blog!

    - Momma Cat

  4. Interesting face sculpt. It reminds me of a mix of Maplea and American Girl.

    Love the long hair.