Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday's With My Tea Time Panel Suggestion Week 1

Did you know that it is just a month until our blog's 6th birthday/anniversary? So much has happened over the last six years and one thing that I can say for sure is it still feels very much like a party for me. I take such pleasure in writing about and creating items for doll play and today I wanted to highlight Tea Time Fabric Panels Doll Birthday Panel Kit!
For the next 6 weeks I will be dedicating each Thursday post to showcasing exciting Fabric Panel Sewing kits from Tea Time Fabric Panels Etsy site. If you want to give the gift of doll play, teach the doll lover in your life or simply learn to sew for the dolls you love, check out these wonderful kits. 

Learning to sew and giving something you have made to the doll lover in your life is truly rewarding. Tea Time Fabric Panels makes it easy and fun. 
It includes the dress, hat and jacket, patterns printed right on the fabric! All you need is your doll, sewing machine and thread! 
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