Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday's Tea Time Fabric Panels Suggestion Week 6!

Feel like you are running out of time, short on time and gifts for the doll lover in your life? Why not order a printed fabric panel from Tea Time Fabric Panels for the doll lover in your life and spend the new year sewing for or with her?
Fall in love with and fall down the Rabbit hole with this fun printed fabric panel that tween's will love!
Front to back this is a stunning outfit!
Worried it wont make it to you in time for the big gift giving day? Order your panel, and print a photo of the listing, along with a note to the gift recipient of the perfect post holiday activity and gift! You get the bunny too!
I truly hope you have enjoyed our last 6 weeks of fun Tea Time Fabric Panel suggestions and that you will visit Tea Time Fabric Panels Etsy Shop and check out all 52 items they have listed for 18 inch dolls in their Etsy shop by clicking here.


  1. Why have I never heard of this place? This is so adorable and something my daughter and I would enjoy making together. Definitely something we are going to look into getting. I cannot wait to get on the site and take a look at what they have. This is so much easier than cutting out a pattern and then having to place it on the fabric. Thanks again Karen!