Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Etsy Shops Carrying Clothing For The Boy Story 18 Inch Dolls

Before American Girl got with the program and introduced their boy doll, other companies came up with wonderful boy dolls to fill the void. One of our readers Sharry, kindly reminded me of the Boy Story Dolls and she wanted me to share with you that you can now find clothes on Etsy for these wonderful dolls.
These Boy Story dolls are larger then the 18 inch boy doll from American Girl and My Dolls Life As, so finding clothing for them that fits right became a priorty of Sharry's.

The Etsy Shop of Lots of Goodies has a few fun outfits for Boy Story dolls. Perfect for little ones who are learning to dress their dolls. Click here for the shop and listing

I also understand from Sharry that Designed4Dolls Etsy shop will do outfits for your Boy Story Dolls on request. Click here for shop and listing. 

Learn more about Boy Story dolls please click here. 
Thank you Sharry for bringing this news to our attention!
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  1. *From Julie's doll mom, Sharry:*

    Thanks so much for posting this, Karen!