Friday, April 14, 2017

Lori Dolls Make The Perfect Basket Fillers...

Lori dolls are perfect basket fillers don't you think? Not to mention the fact that they are just as sweet as candy!
The dogs and dolls are some of the cutest sets!
As are the horse riding dolls! I love the vest don't you?

Vintage looking or modern do check these out when shopping for basket or stocking fillers for the doll lover in your life. Thank you Madelon for the photos to share today.
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  1. The equestrian dolls flew out of my favorite Target and I can't find them anymore. I totally agree with you about being great basket fillers. I'd have been and would still be thrilled if I found anything LORI in my Easter basket.

  2. You're right, those dolls are pretty cute. My only question is, how big are they? I can't tell by looking at the boxes.

    - Momma Cat