Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My newest 18 inch doll, Grace a My London Girl Doll

Recently my sister Pumpy, gave me a present. Her friend was traveling in the UK and my sister had a doll from My London Girl, shipped to her to bring home for me. I was shocked!

When I opened the box I was thrilled to see she had chosen Grace, let's face it she has some pretty cool hair!
Laura loved playing with Grace! This doll's hair is so soft! I love the outfits that My London Girl Dolls come in! The runners are my favorite part.
Grace shown here with My London Girl Olivia and My doll Bella who is from Sears Canada, marketed in the USA as Gali Girls who is modeling a I love MLG shirt my other sister Bre-Anne brought me when she was in the Store in January!
Grace now brings my Doll Collection to an even 12  dolls. So much fun.
Shown here Right to Left are  Emily (Australian Girl )Samantha (AG)  Abby (AG) Jillian (AG), Saila (Maplelea Doll ) Chrissa (AG), Olivia (Springfield Dolls) Madison (Springfield Dolls) Grace (My London Girl) Olivia (My London Girl) and Bella (Sears/Gali Girl/My London Girl)

I think I am going to need a bigger doll room!

Thank you to my sister Pumpy and her Friend Emma for bringing Grace back here to me in Canada.
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  1. Love her. How brushable is her hair? Is it a wig like the AGs or rooted like Springfield? Congrats on the new member of your doll family!

  2. fun! she has awesome hair!! thank you for posting regularly and inspiring me in many ways! i am giving you the "your blog is great" award! check out the details on my blog http://lissywillnevergrowup.blogspot.com
    lissy :)

  3. Thanks ladies, Her hair is rooted and I would imagine finger styling is best for her lovely hair!

  4. What a wonderful surprise! How thoughtful and generous of your sister to give you Grace. I love the London girl T-shirt she came in. It was fun to see all your 18" dolls lined up. You have a lovely doll family; they must be so excited to have a brand new sis.

  5. How lovely to come across this story online, my daughter Darcey was the model for this doll and she had great fun on this shoot. The company MLG looked after all the girls really well. Glad she has found a good home. x