Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doll Picnic Swap I got in the mail!

I am constantly impressed and pleasantly surprised with the swaps I get from the wonderful la coast weather all my photos are inside. Terri created me the most fantastic summer picnic for my dolls that I could not wait to share with all of you.
Terri sent my dolls, a vegetable platter with dip! 4 capri sun drink boxes, sandwiches, salad, pasta salad and desert! Along with four napkins and a great picnic blanket that doubles as a table cloth for rainy days like today!
As you can see in the close up photo Terri put a lot of thought and talent into this swap she sent me!
I love that my dolls can hold their sandwiches! Using small elastics helps my dolls hold their juice!
I am so touched and thrilled to have such wonderful and talented friends in the Doll World and that they continue to allow me to share with you all the special touches the included in each and every swap!

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  1. Ok, I have to know...how did she make the capri suns???? That is what my kids drink :)

  2. i would also love to know about the capri suns!

  3. I am working on that post to share with you all in the next week or so...

  4. I had such fun creating the picnic for you Karen. So happy you like it!

  5. Karen, if you have any questions about the capri suns, I would be more than happy to help! I am glad that others want to learn how to make them.