Thursday, July 5, 2012

A surprise in the mail for my Dear friend Skippy's mom!

Every now and again the kindness of others hits me to the core! My dear friend Skippy's Mom sent me a surprise care package containing so many wonderful items for my doll and her horse Pickles that I just had to share the photos with you!
Skippy's mom was not my partner for the horse blanket swap but she still found away to send me an amazing package that really touched my heart! She created a riding outfit for my doll complete with a gold medal and trophy!
For Pickles she created the saddle and under blanket as well as the bridle. I am told that I have the saddle to far back  (The girth needs to be right behind the horse’s front legs.)and I have fixed it but we have had rain for the last few days so I could not retake the photo! (Never having a real horse I did not know this but the saddle needs to go behind, see Skippy's Mom's Photo below!
I love this package I got and love my friend Skippy's Mom for sending it my way!
If you would like to make a horse blanket like the one we did for our swap you can purchase the pattern from Skippy's Mom's Etsy shop by clicking here. She is going to publish more of her patterns in the coming months, I can not wait!

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