Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Interview with Urban Chicken Studio's, Winner of The Deena and Beena Subscriber Contest!

As some of you know I was recently a judge for one of Beena and Deena's Youtube Channel. There were so many amazing entries and yes I watched all of them. It took Deena and I a truly long time to get through watching each and every one of them. I was amazed at how many people entered and how much work each person put into their submissions. I have to say there are so many wonderful and talented doll lovers out there and thank each of them for their efforts in creating these fun videos.  Below is the winning stop motion video done by Urban Chicken Studios!
  Part of the prize that Urban Chicken received was a chance to share her video and her interview questions with all of you today. Here the answers to our email interview as well as some of her fantastic photography!:
How long have you been making movies?
"Hmm. For about one year now. We started in August of 2012."

How many and which dolls do you have?

"We have, in fact, 9 dolls in total! We have two "Felicities" (historical 1774) (one is re-named Piper), Elizabeth (historical 1774), Kit (historical 1934), Zoey (mag/jly #29), Jane (mag/jly #55), McKenna (goty 2012), Sophia (mag/jly #33), and finally Mia. (goty 2008)"
When did you get your first doll?
"I think around 2003."
What is your favorite Doll?

"These types of questions are so hard! I'm sorry but we just have way too many favorites and we love all of them so, we can't answer that."
 What is your favorite type of movie to make?
"Stop-Motions, definitely!"
What would you like our readers to know about you?
"I LOVE CHICKENS! I have 13. :)"

I have to tell you how very impressed I am with the photography and videos of Urban Chicken Studios.   
I want to thank Deena and Beena for the honor of participating in her subscriber contest and tell you all what a privilege it was to be involved. I hope that we can work together again in the future and think you should check out the amazing things going on on Youtube for our dolls. 
A huge thank you and congratulations to Urban Chicken Studios for their work not just on the contest but on Youtube as well. To subscribe to Urban Chicken Studios please click here. The above video is of Urban Chicken Studio's Opening her Prize Package from Deena and Beena!
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