Sunday, June 2, 2013

Brandy's Doll Keurig! Something Amazing is Brewing!

"The best part of waking finding dolly hot chocolate in your cup" Okay readers I am dating myself with that Jingle but today Brandy shares with us another of her truly amazing dolly creations. My kids love our Keurig, as a Tea drinker, I did not even own a coffee maker until these wonderful machines came out now we have coffee for our guests, the kids love hot chocolate this way and I enjoy the brewed iced tea I can make with my Keurig. Brandy has taken the wonders of this little loved machine and made it doll sized and for that I can not thank her enough!
When Brandy puts her mind to something she always comes up with something truly amazing for us and she worked on this Keurig "on and off" for quite sometime.

"I used two 2.5 inch wood discs, two 2.5 inch wood rectangles, 0.5 inch wood dowel rods,  thin wood strips to fill in angle between rods and rectangles, large 2.5 inch wood plate, small 1.25 inch wood plate,  silver and blue stock paper,  black and grey foam paper, hand punches, spackling, primer, silver and black paint, and a label maker."

Brandy is always surprising me with her creativity. Her ability to take any item and make it doll sized, with as much attention to detail as the manufactures put in to the original design for people.
 Thank you Brandy for always sharing with us your talent and creativity, your work is always so inspiring!
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  1. Simply WOW!!! Our dolls need one. Brandy continues to amaze - she needs to make these and sell them in an Etsy store. I would definitely buy one.

  2. Stephy5800@yahoo.comJanuary 14, 2017 at 8:08 AM

    Do u make them and sell