Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Talk About Vegetarian Friendly Doll Crafts and Products

Heather and Allie, Lucy C's Daughters Vegetarian Dolls
 I recently got an interesting email request from reader Lucy C. She and her daughters and their dolls are Vegetarians and she was looking for Vegetarian friendly food crafts for her daughters and her to work on.

This got me thinking as I am not a vegetarian, if those in the Dolly world who were Vegetarian felt they were being represented enough through crafts and commercial doll products. I asked Lucy C. if she would mind answering some questions on this topic and she kindly agreed. Here are the answers from our email interview.

As a mom of doll loving Daughters : do you find the current food items for dolls you can purchase your dietary needs and those of your chilrdern's?
 " I think that there are a reasonable amount of vegetarian doll food items on the market, but they tend to be priced very high, and are not affordable for most vegetarians, leaving us to make our own, which can be complicated and messy."
 Do you think that Etsy shops, Mom bloggers, Large Companies Like American Girl and Our Generation do enough to offer Vegetarian options for Dolls?

"Yes, they do a good job of having options, but again, shopping for the food is still quite pricey, especially on AG."

 Do you have any suggestions for these companies?
"I think that if they are going to sell vegetarian doll food, they should make it affordable ($30 is way to much for doll sized lunches), and for those who are just showing how to make it, have more vegetarian options."

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop or Doll play company that currently meets your dolls vegetarian needs?

"When I order doll food, I tend to get it online at a shop in Oregon. All of the food is handmade and looks very realistic, and is at reasonable prices".

 Your Daughters "Dolls are Vegetarian", what kinds of doll play food prep or recipes are their favorite to play? Have they ever asked you to make something for your dolls that you could not easily create?

  "My daughters have sometimes asked me to make things that I cannot easily create, like doll casseroles with multiple layers that can be served, and I don't have unlimited time to do so, so I have to turn them down."
 As a vegetarian mom what would you say is the biggest misconception about vegetarian diet's ?

"Many people think that people become vegetarians because they want to lose weight, but the majority of vegetarians just feel that animals should have rights, and its their way of helping stop animal cruelty."
I love this set of Our Generation Girl Tea Parties!

Do you have any advice for families thinking of becoming Vegetarian?

"I think that becoming a vegetarian is a choice that really is for them. Its not " the right thing to do". Its a choice, and its not BAD to eat meat. We choose not to eat it."

 I want to thank Lucy C for taking the time to answer my questions today and for sharing a photo of her daughters dolls.

For those of you looking for links to the vegetarian friendly doll food created by myself and Brandy, please refer to these links below.

Karen Mom of Three Craft's 

Here are Brandy's Veggie Meals  (her pasta and raviolli can easily be made vegetarian!) (easy to make this vegetarian as well!)

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  1. Your lasagna dinner is so cute!


  2. Great post! What shop in Oegon does your guest use for doll food? Madelon

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  4. What is wrong with eating meat? Who cares but no one I know is vegetarian.