Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini Monday American Girl Re-Purposed Play Set Idea

A few months back my friend Bee made a great discovery, she found this paper doll set shaped like a hat box at Costco. 
This Pop-up Play Scenes and Paper Dolls are almost exactly to scale for our American Girl Mini Dolls

 I love this re purposed play set idea and wish that I had found this set in my travels as well.

You can find similar sets in book form on the American girl website by clicking here, but they no longer ship these to Canada sadly.
So keep your eyes out for fun items you can re-purpose for your mini dolls with Play Sets like these!
Thank you Bee for letting me use your photos!
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  1. Psst! has them :-)

  2. Hey! We have the Julie and Kit sets in those hat boxes, but we haven't opened them yet. And I have a mini Julie doll! Groovy!