Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3 American Girl Thanksgiving Etsy Items That Make Dolly Play Come To life!

Being that I am Canadian I always find it so interesting that the American Thanksgiving falls at the end of November instead of the early October like we celebrate it here in Canada. That being said I make sure we too have a paired down version of Thanksgiving on American Thanksgiving just for fun.  In the spirit of continual Thanksgiving I see some wonderful Etsy items I thought I would share that would enhance and enchant your up coming Thanksgiving Celebration. The above photo is a wonderful set of Dolly Treats perfect for Thanksgiving made by KatyDidMinatures. Offered at $16 this set includes three cake pops and three doughnuts. I love the football doughnut don't you? Click here for shop and listing.
One of my most favorite items from Thanksgiving dinner has to be our traditional "CAN SHAPED" Cranberry Sauce! Jessie Raye hit's it out of the park with this creation! A must have for the Thanksgiving Dolly Table! This listing is offered at $11.99 and may just appear on my dolls table soon! Click here for shop and listing.
It is hard not to get excited to see this listing. I really had a laugh when I saw this. Miss Lydia's Cookery has done a wonderful job of this doll sized thanksgiving cooked turkey!

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  1. *From Julie's doll mom::*

    Hey Karen, did you also see that JessieRaye has green bean casserole? That and the canned cranberry sauce are must haves for my Thanksgiving table!