Monday, November 10, 2014

3 Great Springfield Doll Items For The Holidays!

Holiday's mean different things to different people and traditions get passed on from generation to generation. One of my most favorite Holiday Traditions is New Pj's on Christmas Eve. Springfield has the cutest new Footie Pj's with a zipper that doll lovers both young and older will love. The polkadot print is fun and festive.  Priced on line at $10.99 these are a great deal and really affordable! Click here for on online listing.
The new party dress is a beautiful blue. The photo doesn't do the dress justice! This dress looks fantastic on all 18 inch dolls and is very well made.  This dress is also offered on line for $10.99! Click here for the on line listing.
I have waiting a really long time for a great commercially made doll coat. This Pink Puffy Hood Jacket is fantastic. I love that it goes with everything and that it matches their great snow set from last season! This coat is also offered at $10.99 and a deal that just can not be beat! Click here to order it on line! There are so many wonderful items offered on line and in store from Springfield Dolls and parents and doll lovers alike will be thrilled with the quality and savings this line offers.
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  1. I love those pajamas and the jacket! Is there any chance they might offer these in stores, or are we going to have to order them online? I like to save on shipping fees if I can.

  2. Great question, I do believe they should be in store but I will ask!

  3. If you are in the US, some Michael's and AC Moore craft stores carry the Springfield line.