Saturday, April 4, 2015

Madelon Introduces Her New Doll Ella...

Today Madelon shares another one of her new dolls with us.
"GOTY 2015 Grace has two friends appearing in her stories: Ella and Maddy. Maddy has curly red hair and Ella is African American. I thought the Ella Grace name had to relate to American Girl Grace and her friends."

Here is the cover of Grace Stirs It Up can you see the similarities?

"Maddy reminds me of Ella Grace in hair and clothing. Both are dressed in grey, also."
Her hair is very red!
"I really like her. She sells for around $20."
Thank you Madelon for sharing your lovely new doll with us today! I think she makes a lovely friend for American Girl of the year Grace too!
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  1. She's Riley at my house and I love her! OG doesn't have the most realistic red hair colors but I grew up with someone who had this bright orange. She also had a million freckles but that doesn't feel like it would suit Ella Grace!