Saturday, April 25, 2015

Working It Out, Madelon's Our Generation Play Set.

Today Madelon shares with us her new Working It Out Our Generation play set. I am so thrilled to see a set like this for doll play!
Our Generation put lots of thought into this set and the details are very important. Check this out the dolls can hold the weights!
the water bottle...
The Gym Bag too!
Such a great little bag and the textured design is perfect.
From the little lock
 to the towel and the music player this is such a great set!
This is such fun set!
Seven items for $7 it is also a great value!
We highly recommend this set. Thank you Madelon for sharing this set with us today and for all your wonderful photos.
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  1. just got this last week. so cute. maybe it will inspire me to exercize

  2. Hi! Very cute! I picked up a couple of accessory sets this week - did not see this one. the plus on our end is that Target is/was having a sale so instead of $6.99 they were $5.99 or $5.49. One is for campfires. The other is a new lunch box. Will have reviews later this week over at Tea Time with Melody Q.