Friday, April 3, 2015

Victorian Easter Tea With Samantha From Madelon's Collection

Madelon has put together a stunning Easter Photo Session with Samantha today to share with you all.
"I wanted to share with you Samantha's Victorian Easter. This play idea includes Samantha's Special Day Dress and her tea cart and chair plus items from my collection."

" The tea cart with tray and chair is a wonderful set. It is pricey, but is a great addition to a historical collection."

Faux Peter Rabbit Adorns the Tea Cart Tray 

 " Beatrix Potter's books were available and popular in Samantha's Time"

"A china teapot and cup and saucer from my collection. I found reproduction Victorian Easter candy wrapped chocolates from England at TJ Maxx. I added chicks which were prevalent in Victorian Easter decorations."
"This basket shape was used in Victorian times. I found the yellow lace ribbon at the dollar ribbon section in AC Moore and hot glued it on. It was on a roll so it curved easily."
"This fabulous manufacturer of stuffed toys began in 1880, so Samantha could have owned a Steiff toy. This bunny was given to me by my grandmother what feels like ages ago."
American Girl did well with this dress! 
"The cut, the pleats, lace detail. This is the reason people paid top dollar for American Girl clothes."
From Madelon, Samantha and I we hope you enjoyed this look at Samantha's Victorian Ester Tea.
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  1. I have a Pleasant Company Samantha which I think is slightly plumper than Mattel. Do you think these new BeForever Samantha clothes will fit my Samantha? I had read that the purple dress was very snug on PC Samantha.

    1. I believe that Madelon's Samantha like mine is pre mattel also and the dress looks great on her!

  2. The pictures are lovely ! I love all the details and the little Peter Rabbit !

  3. Precious pictures Karen!!! I love the mini Steiff bunny and the basket and chocolate bunnies!!! Happy Easter!!!

  4. Steiff is a fabulous company. That bunny is adorable. Great Easter tea with Samantha.