Friday, November 20, 2015

Did You Notice Madelon's Dolls outfit? Guess What It is Preemie Clothes!

Madelon has an eye that I have not seen matched for taking every day items and turning them into doll items. The outfit her doll is wearing is actually a preemie outfit .
The panda is perfectly proportioned on the top and the bottoms are a perfect fit!
Personally I have lucked out with Preemie items at Sears Canada, often on sale for under $10 and they are very high quality.  Madelon has found lots of great items at all her big box stores and Carters!
This is a great example of one of Madelon's fun finds that blends so well with all her doll play items!
Thank you Madelon! Keep your eyes out for fun items you can add inexpensively to your doll play collections.
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