Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lemon Bay Doll Compay Gift Set Ideas!

Today's Etsy feature is one I am so excited about, Lemon Bay Doll Company Creates some of the most creative and wonderful wooden playsets for 18 inch dolls. I am so excited to see the Doll Bunny Hutch! For $69 you can bring home the hutch, basket, carrots, bucket of bunny berries(* Check the shop site for the story behind these) feed sack and "straw bedding". there is also an option to order the bunny hutch only.
*The bunny shown here is American Girl Julie's pet bunny not included in the listing.
I think this is a very creative and fun playset listing. Click here for shop and listing.

If chickens are more your thing check out the Lemon Bay Hen House or Chicken Coop.
This listing comes as coop only or deluxe set which includes:
The lined basket with three wooden Eggs for your dolls to gather from the nesting box. A metal pail with pretend chicken droppings, a terracotta manure rake, perfectly sized for your doll, a feed sack and a bundle of "Straw" for the coop!*American Girl doll and Kit's chicken are not included in this listing.
Click here for shop and listing. 
Be sure to order early to avoid disappointment this holiday season!
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