Monday, November 2, 2015

Madelon Makes A Steampunk Adventure Outfit For Her Doll!

Today I am so excited to share some of Madelon's Creative Eye with all of you. Now is the perfect time to find things like Halloween Fasicinators that work perfect for your doll and using items you may already have and paring them with items that you can find inexpensively after the holidays you can make a fun Steampunk Outift for your own dolls.
Madelon used layers of different doll clothing, items and textures to create a great steam punk look, from the jewelry to the fasicinator to the lace and then pairing the boots with the layers of the dress really make this stand out. I love the touch of the burlap belt! 
Great job Madelon!

 "I used the metal butterfly chair as the mode of transportation for our doll's steampunk adventure"
Thank you Madelon for this wonderful post! 
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  1. Great job! She looks ready for adventure.

  2. Thanks, Jessica! Madelon

  3. Madelon, she is such a pretty doll. Is she a specialty doll?

  4. No, she is a regular My AG that we picked out from the DCAG store shortly after it opened. I think she photographs well. Madelon