Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Snow Day!

Welcome to our Leap Year Snow Day! Thank you to all who have sent in your snow day fun photos to share!
Melody Q Sent in this wonderful photo of her doll in some fashion forward winter wear! 
"Her scarf, mittens, and sweater are hand knit by an ArtFusion 19464 artist. Her coat and boots are from The Queens' Treasures. Her pants are AG retired."
Jessica T Shared her snow day photo with us:
"Usually The Chicago area gets a quite a bit of snow but this year has been pretty light.
Carlotta (kids n cats) and Patience (Wilde imagination) ran outside to see how cold it was. Carlotta thinks it's way too cold to be out without a hat and coat but Patience wants to explore!"

Lauren Em doll photos in the Snow! I love the close ups!
Yellow's and blues! What a lovely outfit! Holding a snowball even!

Dollies in Glasses enjoying the snow. I love these photos as well! 

Julie Newman visited her friend, Vivienne, in WV.  Here they are flying down the hill on their snow saucers in Vivienne's back yard. To read more about Julie's trip visit

Linda sent in some really fun Snowday Skating photos of her dolls! I love how they are holding hands and then skating in a line! 
 Madeleine(Creatology doll, Modern Girls from Michael's) and Samantha(
American Girl Doll) enjoy building a snowman and then sliding him down the
hill they made.

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  1. Cute pictures, taking photos of dolls is so fun!

  2. Love these photos, everyone! Looks like we are all enjoying winter. :)