Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Guest Blogger Reader Linda Shares Her New My Life As Find!

Today one of our long time readers has agreed to share with us photos of one of her new My Life As finds! I am totally jealous! I love this Rainy Day Play Set!

This is the Walmart, My Life as... Rainy Day Play Set, priced at about
$6.99.  It includes rubber boots, a bow hair clip, and my favorite, an
umbrella that opens and closes. The doll can "hold" the umbrella as it rests
on her head.  The umbrella opens and closes with ease. 

 The boots are slit up the back to make it easy to put them on and take  them off, however on
the American Girl dolls, the slit is very obvious.  I do not have a My Life
As... doll  to see how they fit , but I have a rescue( pre loved) Sydney
Lee( Our Generation) doll and as you can see, the boot slits look much
better.  The hair clip is so small that it doesn't catch much hair on my
Just Like You, 2010 #P7-G1968 American Girl doll that we named Nikki.  AG
dolls have thick wigs, where as OG and My Life As... have less, rooted hair.
This particular umbrella print has strawberries and cherries.  

There is another set, same price that is, I believe, red with white polkadots

 The Our Generation dolls' legs are thinner than American Girl.  I just
attached hair clips to close the gap.  You could tie a cute ribbon around
the boot or leave it as it is.

Thank you Linda for sharing your new set with all of us! Great photos! I am very jealous of your fun find! 
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