Sunday, March 6, 2016

Making A Fun Facinator For Your Self, A Friend or Your Dolls!

I have been having fun making fun facinators using items I got from Punch Place Plus! You can buy the perfect sized doll hats and mini hats for dolls as well as for making facinators!
I was inspired to make a Surfing/Water themed facinator and wanted to share with you just how I did it. These are fun and easy to do and make wonderful doll party crafts.
To make the hat facinator you need:
-Hats like the one I used click here (mini 18-inch doll sized ones can be ordered by clicking here)
-Elastic Hairbands
-Hot Glue Gun and Glue
-Playmobil characters or small dolls

Step one- Plug in your glue gun and assemble your supplies.

Step 2- Decide how you want to decorate your hat, lay it out first on your hat then glue it into place. I folded the blue fabric to look like a wave and attached it to the hat with hot glue. I then attached the surfboard and the surfer with more glue. I chose beach themed beads and glued them into place as well.
Step 3- Find the center of your thin hair band and then under the hat place that center in the center of the hat.. Add two dabs of glue and press your elastic into place.
Step 4- Cut a piece of felt to cover the elastic strap but so that it doesn't stick out over the edge of the hat.

Once dry you can pose your surfer and place the facinator on your head! Such fun
You can do all kinds of themes, use buttons, bows, trims and so much more!
Click here to visit Punch Place Plus for supplies!
Thank you for joining me today for a fun facinator craft!
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