Friday, February 24, 2017

NASCAR Season is back! Let's Here It For The Boys!

Nascar Season is back this week and I am so excited. If you are new to the blog then you may not know that Nascar is my favorite sport. This is one of my favorite items listed in the My Girl Clothing Co Etsy Shop. Click here to view this lovely listing. 

Long before American Girl finally chose to create an American Boy doll, My Girl Clothing Co has been providing us with beautiful boy dolls and handcrafted boy clothing your doll lover and collector can be proud of. I love the Boy Scout listing and you can view it by clicking here.

I have to wonder if American Girl looked at My Girl Clothing Co and her boy dolls for inspiration when creating their new boy doll? Check out how sweet this boy is!
With the release of the Lego Batman movie, Batman is all the rage again in this house. I think this is a very cute listing don't you? Click here to visit the boy section and this listing in the My Girl Clothing Co Etsy Shop. 
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