Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thoughts on the pending new and re-releases?

Today Madelon shares two of her dolls and the rumor that these are going to be re-released shortly. We would love to hear what you think...

"With rumors of Felicity being released to three flagship AG stores and on line, I wanted to share my Mattel/American Girl Elizabeth and Felicity. Both outfits were made by hand and purchased from Ebay years ago"
"These dolls have beautiful striking eye color"
"I hope the new Felicity has vibrant green eyes"
We would love to hear your thoughts on the dolls that American Girl are planning to re-release. Along with the news of the sewn in underwear, the soon to be released boy doll which I have now seen and has a Kaya face mold, we invite you to share your thoughts. Please leave us a comment here or email us at 


  1. Wait, Logan has the Kaya face mold? I hadn't heard that. Very interesting.

    I love the outfits Elizabeth and Felicity are wearing in the above photos. Stunning and a more historically accurate blue.

    1. How did you miss that? ;)

      It really bothers me that Kaya's mold was used...whitewashed really.

    2. Just not paying attention. Distracted by perma-panties. :-(

      I think he's cute. Don't see it as whitewashing; however, I can see how Kimmel interpreted him as being "too cool" or BMOC.