Friday, February 17, 2017

Our Generation Baking Set

Today Madelon is sharing her photos of her new Our Generation baking set.
I love all the details in this set and the piping bag and spoons are darling!
look at how cute the rolled out dough is!
the spatula and the pastry brush look and feel so real!

The mixer is a lovey addition to this $30 playset as well. Our Generation has gone out of their way to make some fun and more affordable sets then the American Girl options. This is a great set for sure. Thank you Madelon for sharing this one with us today.
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  1. This set is a great value for the money. (I have it too.)

  2. Just picked it up as well - we have a lot of the other baking stuff, but were lacking the mixer - you can't mimic mom unless you have a mixer!

  3. I will be looking for this set to go on sale before September to buy for Our eight year old granddaughter's birthday. We have two granddaughters still in the doll stage (a four year old and the eight year old) one just growing out of dolls (age thirteen) and one that turned one year old before Christmas. We sent her the little Pottery Barn cloth baby doll for her to hug and drag around for the time being but I do already have a Bitty Twin doll ready for her in a year or two. Cute little items like this baking set are great for creative little minds for pretend play. Thanks for all of your great informative play doll posts.