Saturday, June 17, 2017

A bigger table, not a bigger fence...

I moved about 6 months ago and it has been a huge struggle for me personally. The move while not very far away seems like thousands of miles when I think about how much I miss my old neighborhood. I know that with time I will begin to make new friends in the area we moved too but right now the Up -rooting of the family still feels painful and raw. I am reminded of that old saying you don't need a higher fence you need a longer table, and with that the inspiration for today's post. Our friends over at Lemon Bay Doll Company have created a wonderful and exceptionally well priced doll play item that fits with my feelings today and accommodates more dolls at the picnic table.
I love the idea of and the action of taking doll play outdoors when the weather is as nice as it is today. One of the problems we have had in the past is that only two dolls could sit at our table and this causes lots of frustration for my nieces and their dolls, but this new table from Lemon Bay Doll Co. can fit 6 dolls very comfortably and with great legroom!

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