Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sail Away With Tea Time Fabric Panels!

Growing up, I had a sailor's hat, I remember using my own money and buying it at what was then known as Woolworths. I wore it everywhere and I have always loved the nautical look. Tea Time Fabric Panels has a sewing printed pattern kit that I love and wanted to share with you today. This one is called Sail Away!
The hat is what caught my eye but I also love the colors of this set and the blazer is sweet as can be!
Just check out the back of this outfit!
One of the things I am most proud of with my own sewing journey is the ability to sew doll pants. I have to tell you I did cry the first time I tried a regular pattern from the store for doll pants, I felt so stupid, as I could not imagine how the pattern and cut fabric could be sewn together to make pants, it was so many pieces and in my mind I could not make it work. It took me 4 tries and I finally did make a pair of doll pants but not without out a ton of stress and anxiety, fast forward 7 years and Tea Time Fabric Panels takes that stress away, no boring brown or white paper patterns to gut out and piece together, just a simple straightforward and easy way to create not only a pair of pants but a stunning outfit for your doll you can be proud of!
I love these kits and the confidence you gain by sewing for yourself or the doll lover in your life. Check out this pattern kit and more from Tea Time Fabric Panels by clicking here.

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