Monday, June 26, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

What am I doing?  Is what you think when you find yourself, and your double baby stroller, pacing back and forth in the plumbing isle, at your local home improvement chain.  There I am trying to piece different plumbing connections together to "construct" a 18" doll toilet.  While searching, I am also consistently bending over and picking up bottles of milk, Transformers, pinecones, shoes, and Miss Moose (the baby toy no one likes, but I am persistent) and about every five minutes I am rolling over a "crunchy" AKA receiving blanket, which are the girls favorite blankies. 

 Then as soon as I roll over it and it has been exposed to the store floor it gets two more plays, basically three strikes and it's out.  I toss another random piece that looks like a tank into my beach bag, (that I hook on the back of the stroller, because I have a store cart phobia with children) as it is becoming filled with miscellaneous PVC plumbing connections.  At this point I am close to what I think could work, with a lot of tweaking, sawing, sanding, and caulking.  Then it happens, here comes the professional plumbing man, asking me if I need help.  I mean, at this point, it appears that I clearly do.

  I have parts and connections falling, babies crying, and crunchies that just hit three strikes.  So I told him, "I am building a toilet," as Logee sucked on Miss Moose's antlers.  He looked at me with this confused stare and pointed me in the direction of the toilets.  I then explained I am designing a toilet for an 18" doll. 

 He stared at me, even more confused than the first time.  I kindly said, "I don't think you will be able to help me with this one."  I got everyone loaded up, grabbed the little one some Tim Bits, I figured I could throw some fruit with the little donut holes and call it a lunch.  Stay tuned for the toilet reveal.

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