Monday, May 13, 2013

Mariena Creates a Stick Horse for her Dolls a "Yester Year" Craft

  The Dolly World on Facebook is such wonderful resource and I have been lucky to "meet" some truly talented people through these Facebook connections. Mariena is one of those people. She agreed to let me share her craft with you today. I hope you will all love it as much as I did!

The Stick Horse of Yester year    
                                         What you will need:
                                                      Drawing of horses head
                                                      2 Pony tail holders
                                                     Googly eyes
                                                    Wooden dowel ( I used a half of one )
                                                    Needle point thread ( or some strong thick thread )
                                                    Scrap peace of fake leather or other scrap.
                                                    Something to stuff the head with.

                     Cut horses head out of you scrap fabric ( I drew the eye placement on at this time ) put right sides together making sure to tuck in the ears.
              Start with sewing the bottom of the head Important leave about an inch in the middle for turning and stuffing.

             Okay we have the head sewn together now, start stuffing but keeping a check on how the dowel rod is fitting when you get the head stuff put the dowel rod in

             padding stuffing around making a tight fit, sew dowel rod in ( you could glue it but this will take hours this is a fast fun short project gluing make it take longer).

             After sewing the dowel in, Using needle point thread wrap around dowel rod tightly until you are 1 to 2 inches below the horses head, tie off and glue.

            Making the horses mane using the needle point thread wrap around your 2 fingers about 4 to 6 times cut you thread in half sew it to the horses head just in front of the ears.
            then start behind the ears making the loops with 3 fingers as before cut in half sew on until you are happy with the length of the mane.

            Glue on the eyes at the eye placement marks, Now take you pony tail holders put one from the mouth to the back of the head, Take the other pony tail holder and wrap on your fingers once place on the horses nose. At this point you and put a small piece of need point thread for the hand hold if wanted 1 of mine has it one doesn't.
           Now you have a stick horse of yester year for your doll.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful craft with us today Mariena! I am so thrilled to see it and can not wait to try to make my own! To learn more about Mariena aka Naragon Writer of Words visit her Facebook page by clicking here.
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