Saturday, May 4, 2013

May The Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Themed Patterns For Your Dolls!

Today is May 4th and as a mom of three boys who love Starwars, I have to share with you today the most fantastic PDF pattern from Donna Cotterman's Etsy Shop.
Donna has been interviewed here on my blog before and she is one of my most favorite people in the doll world. She has continuously inspired and motivated me with her work. Now she is offering this fun pattern for Doll Lovers and Starwars Buffs alike.

 Mrs C as we know her in the Dolly World has so many wonderful items in her Etsy shop 
Mrs. C has also made her Princess Leia Gown Pattern available for purchase in her Etsy shop and  I could not be more excited!

From outfits lovingly handmade to patterns of her own design, this shop is one of my most favorite.
Remember to watch a Starwars Marathon today or pull out your Star Wars DVD's  and sit down and enjoy some of my most favorite movies! May the 4th be with you!
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  1. ;) This stuff is so awesome! In my house, we are celebrating May the 4th be with you like every year....I will have to make these!!

  2. Thank you, Karen. We love Star Wars! Our grandson thinks I should try Chewy next but..... I'm going to take a break. Would have to get a My Twinn boy doll for the added height and then I don't know if I could every handle all the "hair". Enjoy your Star Wars celebration.

  3. Thank you Mrs. C! I love that your Grandson has plans for you to keep creating! I understand your need for a break too!

  4. I am so excited about the new Star Wars pattern... I got the Princess Leah pattern and this is an awesome addition!

    Thank you Karen for the update!

  5. Mrs C. My Granddaughter would go crazy over these!!!!! Soooo cute!!!!! I have a question about the folding screen in picture 6. Is it an American Girl piece? Do you know anything about it? I recently purchased one at Goodwill for my granddaughter, and have wondered about its past.....It is sooooo cute and just perfect for the dolls.
    Love your creations!!!!!!