Monday, December 2, 2013

Create a Holiday Vest For Your Doll With Buttons Galore & More! A Karen Mom of Three Tutorial!

I recently received the most wonderful buttons from Buttons Galore &More and Laura Kelley Designs.
The Holiday Fun! Collection buttons remind me of the holiday pins I used to wear as child and they are the perfect size to decorate doll clothing! I knew I wanted to make something to share with you that you could easily make for your dolls. 
So I thought I would make vest pattern that requires very little sewing and is the perfect beginning hand sewn holiday project. 
To create your own Holiday Vest you will need:
-Print a Vest Pattern
-Scissors for paper and felt
-Felt in pattern or solid color
-A needle and thread

Step 1- Print your pattern and cut it out. Tape it together at the X's which form the vest shape. Place on your felt as shown.

Step 2- You can pin your pattern or hold it like I did and use your felt scissors to cut out your pattern shape.
Step 3- Once your felt is cut fold your felt over so that the "right sides" or the pattern side faces inwards.
Step 4- Sew the side seams on each side closed with what ever stitch you are comfortable with. 
Step 5- Turn your vest right side out and choose a button or buttons to keep your vest closed with. 
Step 6- Sew your button on to your vest.

Step 7- To create a button hole, place the side of the felt that doesn't have a button on it, over your button. Use your fingers to pinch the felt back and make a very small snip in the felt with your scissors.
Step 8- Use the button to gently press through the hole, making the perfect button hole as shown in the photo above.

Step 9- Choose a Holiday Fun Button to embellish your vest, I sewed mine onto the vests over the dolls heart but you can also used them to close your vest, decorate your dolls t-shirts, coats and pants! I love crafting with buttons and I know you will love the buttons that you can get from Buttons Galore & More and Laura Kelly!
I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial.
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  1. Thank you for the pattern and inspiration. I think I will give this to my 8 year old DD as a little project for her to make for her Journey Girls. She loves to sew and this looks simple.

  2. My pleasure! Let me know how it turns out!