Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tandem Dye A Diaper Shirt For Your Bitty Baby A Rit Dye Tutorial By Karen Mom of Three

Forgive the shiny light reflection in the photos from today's post. As I was photographing this last night I ran out of light but could not wait to share with you my tutorial for a tandem dye diaper shirt. 
To dye and create a holiday diaper shirt your own Bitty Baby Diaper shirt you will need:
-A 5lb Baby Diaper Shirt I got mine at Sears
-Two Jars
-4 to 6 Cups of Hot Water
-1/2 cup of salt
-A squeeze of liquid dish soap for each jar
-A Plastic Craft Spoon
-Sink to rinse your diaper shirt
-A timer
-A dryer
-A Fabric Remnant Shape (I used a Cupcake)
-Needle and Thread
I called this Tandem Dyeing as I am an impatient crafter and I wanted to have this done before dinner. I started by adding 4 cups of hot water to my large jar and 2 cups to my smaller jar, I added salt, and liquid dye to each jar, I also added a quick squirt of liquid dish soap and stirred the jars separately. I wet the diaper shirt under the tap and then placed the top of the shirt in one jar and the bottom half in the other. I used the spoon to make sure that the shirt was submerged. I left the middle to be plain.
I set my timer for 1 hour and went to work on the embellishment. I used Phoomph for fabric from Coats and Clark, I love this product. It helps give a 3D look to my crafts. I cut out a rough shape of my cupcake from my remnant fabric and then a similar shape from the sheet of Phoomph. I peeled back the backing on one side and lay my fabric on the Phoomph. I then cut out the cupcake shape and the bonus cookie and heart shape too!

I then  found some of my favorite little Laura Kelly buttons and layered them on the Phoomph. Once I had an idea of where I wanted the heart and the cookie shape to go on my cupcake, I thread the needle and sewed the buttons to the heart and then the hear to the cupcake wrapper. I added the star cookie as well.

When the timer went I rinsed the diaper shirt and set it in the dryer. Once dry I attached Cupcake to the diaper shirt. I peeled the back from the other side of the cupcake Phoomph and pressed it into place. I then used my needle and thread and sewed the cupcake into place.
Now our Bitty Baby has a new Holiday Diaper Shirt for when my niece Thea comes to tea on Thursday! I love working with Rit Dye!
I hope you enjoyed today's Tutorial and I look forward to sharing more doll crafts, ideas and fun finds with you soon!
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