Monday, December 9, 2013

The 8 Minute Holiday Dress Re-Fresh With Rit Dye and Karen Mom of Three

Recently I was sent some Rit Dye to try out. I have to admit I was very nervous to try this never having dyed anything in my life.  I will say this was so easy and fun and I find myself looking at my doll items in an entirely new way.
A few years ago I was sent this handmade white sparkle dress in a doll swap I did and when I got the Rit Dye Shipment I thought I wonder if I can make that white dress feel fresh and new again for the holidays.  I was so thrilled with how the dress turned out I thought I would share the tutorial with you. You will see just how easy it is to use Rit Dye and breath new life into your old holiday dresses and doll play items.
To create your own Rit Dye items you will need:
-Rit Dye color of your choice. I used Cherry Red
-1 cup of Salt
-Measuring cups both wet and dry
-A bucket ( I used a recycled ice cream bucket)
-A Metal Spoon
- 1 squirt of liquid dish soap
- 4 cups of Hot Tap Water
-Something from your doll play collection to dye *With a parent's permission of course!
-A dryer or line with clothes pegs to hang your items to dry
-Paper or plastic to cover your workspace
-Rubber Gloves
-A timer

Step 1- Select your item of clothing to dye. If you are worried about how this will turn out try a pair of white socks first!
Step 2- Gather everything you will need from the list above
Step 3- Cover your work space and place on top your bucket filled with 4 cups of hot water
Step 4- Add 1/2 the bottle of your Rit Dye, 1 cup of salt, a squirt of liquid dish soap and use your metal spoon to stir all the ingredients together.
 Step 4-Wet your dress underwater and then place your dress or doll play item in the Rit Dye mixture. Put on rubber gloves and soak your item making sure it is covered with the dye mixture.
Step 5- Set your timer. I set mine for 8 minutes, not having done any fabric dying before I wanted to see what color I could achieve in under 10 minutes.
 Step 6- After 8 minutes I removed the dress from the dye and rinsed it under cold water until the fabric rinses clear.
Step 7- Line Dry or Machine Dry the dress completely. Dress your doll in her new Holiday Refreshed  Style!

I love how this dress turned out and had I left the dress in the dye longer it would have become a much darker cherry color. I am thrilled with the color and know my nieces are going to be surprised at the new Holiday Dress my Sisterhood in Town doll Lily will be wearing at our next holiday tea party.
Rit Dye is easy and fun to use. It gets the Karen Mom of Three stamp of approval!
I would love to see what you make with Rit Dye so be sure to email me a photo of your completed projects to
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