Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Isabelle Photos from Madelon!

Madelon is kindly sharing with us some more of her new Isabelle doll.
The sleeves are made of tutu fabric. The shirt has gold pailletes and silver paint.
 Here eyes are hazel green and photograph so differently depending on light!

The pants are unusual, with shiny silver matte cotton

 The gold glittery shoes are great for dance, but don't exactly match the shiny silver pants.

 Shoes and hem from behind....

The most unusual aspect of this doll is the pink ombré hair piece that attaches to the back of her head. If you pull the hair over the piece you can't really see it. I've never seen a doll who has fasteners on her head to attach extra hair. 


Even the mini is darling!Lots of detail went in to the GOTY mini doll!
Here they are together!

Thank you Madelon for sharing with us your photos of Isabelle! I love the photos you have shared and learned a lot about the new GOTY from your photos that I had not seen or even read about on line!

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