Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Store Exclusives and New Undergarments For Dolls, A Madelon Fun Find.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a long time you will know I love store exclusive T-shirts, the red ones especially. Madelon kindly photographed the new style of T-shirts at the store recently and I am so excited to see them. My friend Char at Doll Diaries has picked one up for me from the store near both her and Madelon (Actually these two met at the store, boy do I wish I could have gone too!) as well my friend Deena of Deena and Beena YouTube Fame is picking me up a Seattle Store Shirt! I am well on my way, now to just get the red store shirt exclusives from the other stores...Can you tell I am a bit excited???
If you are in store and you are looking for a great souvenir I highly recommend picking these shirts up for your own collection.
New Pj's in store are also super cute! Take a look at these! I love the color and the shorts.

Also new in store are the undergarments. I love the one on the model far right! I can not wait to get into the store and check them out for myself.
Thank you Madelon for sending these photos! I promise to share the photos of my store shirts as they arrive!
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