Thursday, January 29, 2015

Madelon Shares With Us Her Tips For Incorperating Every Day Items in Doll Play To Create The Perfect Doll Bedroom Scene!

 Today Madelon shares with us how she spruces up her doll room for Grace!

"I need an easy put up/take down room setting for the dolls, so I wanted to re-purpose what I already had. During Saige's reign, our Pottery Barn Kids moved its location in the mall. I was able to but carpet rug swatches which were regularly $20 for around $2! I bought a bunch but hadn't used them before. I love how they add a new look to your room."
 "This is a beautiful wool rug.  To make it more then just a throw rug by a few!"

Madelon's Tip..Check your local rug store for samples they are going to discard!

"Add your own pieces" Using what Madelon Already had at home she puts Grace's Room Together!

Use what you have and don't worry about perfect matching! Madelon purchased these jewelry boxes years ago and look how well they work in the space as low tables or even shabby chic dresser stacked on each other !

See how well the room is coming together!
"Michaels has some wonderful "Springtime in Paris" items. That is where the Eiffel Tower wall hanging came from."

 Madelon's Paris Print From Michael's with her Coupon was only $5! Madelon hung it on her foam board backdrop!
Grace seems to love it!

She can even store some of her things in her dresser!
Function and Fashion!
Another Paris themed fun find from Micheal's!
Time to add a little sparkle with sparkly treats!
A little glass dish....

"Just cut up part of the strand for eye- catching candy"

Fill the bowl....
Dolly treats!
Perfectly sized!
A huge Thank you to Madelon today for sharing with us how she put together her doll Grace's Room! I just love how it all came together! Try some of the tips Madelon shares with us and create great room displays and playsets with everyday items for your dolls!
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  1. Great ideas. Now I know I'm going to Micheal's to do a little shopping. I don't have Grace yet but her ideas are great for any doll room. Use what you have in your "stash"!

  2. Wonderful decorating done here! The bead candy reminds me of Professor Dumbledore's licorice snaps. :) I hope these aren't quite as sharp.