Saturday, January 31, 2015

Madelon's Brilliant Blue Bitty Baby Outfit On her 18 inch dolls.

If I had to pick to favorites  from the doll of the year collections these to would be my top two favorites! I am so thrilled that Madelon sent me a photo of them together for today's post! Don't they look like they could be sisters?
Today's post from Madelon is a stunning look at how you can use Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin Outfits with your 18 inch dolls!
"The tights lengthen the look!"
I love the scoop neck!
I love this photo!
"These shoes are simple but they fit" and I love the color!
Thank you Madelon for showing us a great example of using bitty twin outfits on the 18 inch dolls!
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