Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Afternoon At The Vancouver American Girl Store

Yesterday afternoon I took a group of girls who happen to be my nieces to the American Girl store here in Vancouver. The new location in the Broadway Indigo is truly the size of a shoe box which was very disappointing but the staff and the lay out of the store more then made up for that.

The event was a Grace inspired craft and games which was so much fun! The girls all made passports &  Recipe Boxes then we played Bingo in French!
My niece Thea got her doll Samantha's Ears pierced while we were in the store and the staff took extra care in making sure that both Thea and Samantha had a great experience! Thea and Samantha share a birthday!
 Marie-Grace had her hair expertly done (the staff had their work cut out for them with this particular dolly!) as did two of the Grace dolls that my nieces brought with them. The hair salon is a fun and educational way for the girls to learn about how to take care of the dolls hair and skin! Staff do a great job of engaging each child and I was very impressed.
My one nephew who is two made short work of turning the display into a hockey arena. Using the crutch of the display as his hockey stick...he left sadly and shortly after this photo, the event was a bit too much for him...
A huge thank you to the staff of the Vancouver Store and Miss Nikki who lead the girls craft time. We were so impressed and left with our bags full of new AG goodies for the girls and memories to last a lifetime.
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